Love is more than treasure


Time will end lifespan fills with misery,

Although love is full of pleasure mean endless.

Deary, lovesick I am roving in wilderness of life is hopeless,

Eyes are dreamless.

Longing to have you in armrest,

Heart is hurting, feeling is heartrending mind is restless.

Loveless earth is growing dangerous,

Earthlings are pitiless, and despair is everywhere,

Hunger, struggle, wretchedness are part of daily life for majority,

Minority for the big players killing is an act of superiority

Not displeasure.

My dearest, in your estrange

While I was roving on desert like deserted street

I saw a mum tenderly holding her son in arm,

Lifeless he was only seven.

I heard her saying,

Please, someone please wake my son for me,

I will pray for you.

Darling my precious,

I was powerless; my pen was only a quill,

Filled with ink of tears,

As you know, I am a poet,

I write for lovers not for heartless or ruthless,

In atmosphere I look for love not heartlessness,

For the reason that, love is more than treasure.

As a lovelorn I look at the sky, I count stars.

At dark night, I see the full moon as blessing,

I know the sun keeps us warm and alive,

Rain revives dead earth, the last resting place.

While I was looking at the sky,

To see your idyllic smiling face in the ocean of stars,

She called and looked at me with tearing eyes and asked,

Son, why my son is not waking?

In reply all I said was, mum spiritless he is resting.

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